emerging-u from the team that brought you Brand Biology
emerging-u from the team that brought you Brand Biology

Imagine your company as a dojo. A high-performance gym where all, from the bottom to the top of the organisation consciously show up committed to performing at their best.

An environment where everyone operates with a higher sense of awareness of who they are, of those they connect with and of the world they operate in.

Where team members have clarity of their role, choose their mindsets, manage their energy, own their decisions and take responsibility for their actions.

What would your business look like? Sound like? Feel like?

In our technological, digital world, companies need their humans to connect more than ever.

Machines are good for processes. People are what give your business it’s edge. They are your most valuable asset. Invest in them.

We create the conditions for people throughout your organisation to harness the energy of human connection and create a better future for all.

Our formula​ to your success

Our 3-step process to culture change puts the relationship between your business, people and customers at the front and centre of our approach.

Everything we do is for you, helping your organisation achieve its aspiration. It’s also by you as our collaborative approach puts your people and customers at the heart of every phase.

Their collective experience and aspirations enable our expert design team to develop people development solutions that your people feel they own.  In turn, raising engagement levels and enabling your company culture to flourish.

We believe that the future of organisational wellbeing requires people at all levels of an organization to be leaders.  This means that learning and development usually reserved for senior leaders should be accessible for all. Our approach enables your people at all levels to access current best practice and leadership theory in a way that is relevant to them in their role.

We discover how connected your people at all levels are to your brand. Our deep dive into your purpose, culture and behaviours fuels our response.

Our design recommendations are focused on forging emotional connections to change behaviours. Improving individual and team performance.

Our experiential events spark constant improvement to keep your people focused on individual, team and organisational growth

As experts in human behaviour and the psychology of personal professional development, how your people and customers think, feel and behave is at the heart of our approach.

The impact of this means you will build a strong community of change-makers who are continuously improving and expanding who they are in their working and personal lives.

Your brand is unique

​What’s it really like being on the receiving end of you at every touchpoint with your brand for your customers and your people?

The opportunity to capture data at every part of the customer and employee journey has never been greater. Rich intel together with effective systems that enable a high speed of response for your customers can give you a marginal competitive edge, but is it sustainable?  What’s the damage when things don’t go well?

Equally, survey fatigue and over-reliance on centralised comms for your people can unintentionally widen the gap between your brand aspiration and culture reality, blocking intuitive behaviours in the moment when it matters most between teams and for your customers.

Our approach focuses on creating connected teams, purpose-driven inspiring people leaders and meaningful human 2 human experiences. Our aim is to transform mindsets from reactive to proactive, to enable human-led, intentional experiences, so that being on the receiving end of your brand feels personalised, meaningful and authentic at every human touchpoint, when things are going well and when they’re not.

emerging-u from the team that brought you Brand Biology


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