emerging-u from the team that brought you Brand Biology
emerging-u from the team that brought you Brand Biology

We create the conditions for global leaders to face into their current reality, identify their aspirations and create meaningful change.

Through enquiry into self, others and environment, we help leaders connect, lean into their emerging future and positively impact their personal and organisational performance.

How you show up for the people you serve will directly impact on how your people serve each other and your customers.

We create the platform for you to be at your best and flourish under pressure.

The people you are leading have big expectations of you. They want you to be perfect and often forget that you are human. But the more human you are with them, the more trust and empathy they lend to you. They understand you better. That gives you the ability to do so much more, as people give you the benefit of the doubt.

Alain Bejjani, CEO of MAF
Mckinsey & Company, The CEO moment: Leadership for a new era. July 21, 2020 | Article

We help leaders thrive in their new normal

Today’s leaders are under pressure; the world of work is constantly changing, technology and globalisation have sped up operations exponentially.

Today’s leaders operate in systems that are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – sometimes all at once. The VUCA environment.

For companies to survive and thrive in a constant new normal requires not only different ways of working but different ways of being.

The modern leader is required to operate in environments where disruption is often ever present or fast approaching. To make decisions and take action when the goal posts have moved or even as they are moving. To navigate paths where the destination is not clear and the route unexplored. To bring disparate, talented individuals together as they are feeling vulnerable. The catalysts of change and disruption can come externally, such as a shift in the market, a pandemic, a change in government policy or internally such as new ways of working, restructures or even a more diverse workforce. Humans have always understood that change is a given. Today it is a tangible constant.

Our world requires leaders to be more and offer more. To show up with a heightened sense of awareness. It is only by raising consciousness and transcending the operational that leaders can connect with their human, expand their options, make truly informed decisions and create new work systems. Systems that are robust, flexible and living.

Leaders require new mindsets.

We create leaders for today by helping them to work differently, break old habits, choose mindsets and see more possibilities. To lead with confidence into the emerging future, activate change and thrive.



emerging-u from the team that brought you Brand Biology


Face into truth through recognition and ownership of your opera tional reality.

Gain a deeper insight to the impact your leadership style has on your organisation, culture and people.

Understand what your difference is, where and how you can leverage it and take those you connect with you.


emerging-u from the team that brought you Brand Biology


Deep connection to self and others comes from the ability to access different ways of being.

Tap in to your purpose, your values, your feelings, access different ways of knowing and you will transform your leadership.

Understand your own and others emotional make up and ignite your leadership edge.


emerging-u from the team that brought you Brand Biology


How will you lead?

What will you do?


We create the conditions for leaders to re-construct their relationship to operational realities, working relationships and leadership practice.

Our leaders emerge as better versions of themselves or as we often observe, truer versions.

We create containers for leaders to learn more about self – who they are, others – those they connect with, behavioural differences and universal human truths, and environment – the immediate operational environment and beyond.

Guiding our leaders through the mindset of enquiry they expand their understanding of their reality and become practiced in leading with raised consciousness, resulting in high resolution data to build actions from.


mind the gap

A central pillar of our work is making the conceptual practical. All our programmes are designed for our leaders to not only lean into their future but also to face their current reality.

Our leaders are there to work on themselves in their operational environment aligned to their aspirations.

WARNING: Our programmes are not skills learning with the intention to do to others to gain results. They are live systems built from our leaders’ reality and oblige ownership of self, empathy for others and a responsibility and accountability for activating change.

We create the conditions for global leaders to face into their current reality, identify their aspirations and create meaningful change.

we bring people together

emerging-u specialise in creating employee engagement and behavioural training programmes with a difference. Using experienced forum theatre actors, we show organisations and their employees how to harness the power of their personality in order to create meaningful and engaging connections with your customers, driving delivery of your core brand promise.

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emerging-u from the team that brought you Brand Biology


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