Power of Personality

emerging-u from the team that brought you Brand Biology
The Power of Personality

Understand yourself. Understand others. Connect in the moment.

The Power of Personality increases your people’s emotional intelligence through greater self awareness and by observing the behaviour of others. This deeper understanding of what it feels like to be on the receiving end of you enables your people to deliver a meaningful Customer Experience consistently and when it matters most to your customers.

Built on timeless behavioural theories POP raises awareness of our natural ability to shift our behaviour. There are no reports to complete, no tests, minimal theory to digest, just recognition through higher consciousness of behaviours and observation that we are all the same and we are all different.

POP will give your people the ability to build strong relationships with internal and external customers by helping them to understand where they are playing from and build empathy for your individual customers’ needs. The result will be a personalised and bespoke, world class customer experience that feels differentiated and valuable, meeting the rising expectations of your customers.
POP® makes the conceptual practical.

Who do you connect with the most?

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To achieve the holy grail of brand loyalty you need to get the basics right first. Providing a consistent experience for every customer at every touch point will give them confidence, making you easy to do business with.

To win fans though you need to create a meaningful connection with customers that feels differentiated and personalised to them. That’s where POP comes in, helping your people to be able to identify your customers personality in a fleeting encounter so that they can adapt and flex their style accordingly.

Creating a branded customer experience means replacing the inconsistent with the consistent and making meaningful human connections. It’s not B2B or B2C anymore, its human to human H2H.

Do you want to know how to bring the power of personality to life?  And have a better understanding of the 4 different personality types?

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emerging-u specialise in creating employee engagement and behavioural training programmes with a difference. Using experienced forum theatre actors, we show organisations and their employees how to harness the power of their personality in order to create meaningful and engaging connections with your customers, driving delivery of your core brand promise.

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emerging-u from the team that brought you Brand Biology

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